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A Manor House Estate wedding allows you to create your custom dream wedding by choosing your own caterer, tent arrangement, d├ęcor, wedding planner and more!

For your convenience we have provided a copy of our Wedding Packet. Click the button below to download our PDF.

Planning a wedding can be an extremely overwhelming and daunting experience. Exciting, of course, but still… where to begin? One of the biggest challenges was picking just the right venue. We knew we wanted something spectacular… a combination of beautiful, comfortable, unique, and the perfect setting for our special day, that we hoped our guests would remember forever. There were so many places, but they all seemed “typical.” We didn’t want just another boring country club wedding, or God forbid a banquet hall. We really wanted something outdoors, but where?! It was by pure chance that we stumbled across the Manor House Estate while scouring the internet. We had visited several other locations and nothing felt right, they were all just “ok.” We took a break from the venue search and went online to look for lake houses on Keuka Lake for a post wedding honeymoon get away, and there it popped up… the most perfect wedding venue we could have ever imagined! The Manor House Estate… How had I not have heard of this before? How had my friends not? I guess it is because we live just far enough away, but oh my goodness, this place was all we were looking for and more. Once we arrived in person, we were certainly not disappointed. The views are breathtaking, the house is beautiful, and it was truly just perfect. Our guests are STILL talking about how gorgeous it was and how lucky we were to find it! This venue made our entire wedding. On top of all of that, Art was incredible to work with. Kind, understanding, flexible, and of course, accommodating. We enjoyed this venue so much, that only one month after our wedding, we are already booking it again for our one year Anniversary celebration. If you are planning your wedding, do yourself a favor and check out the Manor House! It is just lovely

Kerry L.

Rochester, NY, August 2018 Wedding